Valentine’s Day has come again

It’s that time of the year again, when couples inadvertently treat each other with extra attention and affection.  By tomorrow, things should be back to normal, when life returns itself into its typical state and couples carry on as though today never existed.  When I logged onto my Facebook this morning my newsfeed, as expected, was overloaded with Valentine’s Day posts…people publicly expressing their undying love for their girlfriends/boyfriends, husbands/wives and so on.  There was also your highly expected, “I hate Valentine’s Day” posts, from the single people who, for whatever reason realize on this one day of the year that they’re lonely (this too, will also be suppressed by tomorrow, once the hype of the Hallmark holiday is over).

As someone who rarely, if ever celebrates this day of Saint Valentine, I find it silly to wait all year just to really show your appreciation and love for that one special person in your life.  I try my hardest, in between work and the every day hustle and bustle that life presents to me, to make it known to my husband that I truly care about the things he does, and has done for me.  Over the years I’ve found that small expressions such as buying his favorite candy bar, or leaving a “love’ note/s around the house, go a long way in the appreciation department. You should try it and see for yourself…


About danieiie

As a freshman in college some years ago, I wasn't too sure what it is I wanted to do with my life, but by my sophomore/junior year, with the help of a journalism elective course & a great professor, I realized how much I enjoyed the written language and needed to pursue a writing degree. I graduated from NJCU (New Jersey) in 2010 with a BA in English/Journalism and right after, moved to Central Texas (to be with my one true love) where I was picked up by the local paper, ending my time their as a general assignments reporter. Upon moving back to New Jersey in late 2011, I've settled on a job in hospitality with hopes of continuing on my pursuit of writing. Until then, I've decided to keep my fingers sharp, and blog :-)
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